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BENTO 1980-1986

Tópicos em '80s' iniciados por stb1120, 31/12/15.

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    Name: Manuel Galrinho BENTO
    Nickname: "Rubber Man"


    Country: [​IMG] PORTUGAL
    Caps/Goals: 37/0

    Club: [​IMG] Benfica
    Age: 28-34

    Goalkeeper: 20
    Sweeper: -
    Defender (Left): -
    Defender (Centre): -
    Defender (Right): -
    Defensive Midfielder: -
    Midfielder (Left): -
    Midfielder (Centre): -
    Midfielder (Right): -
    Attacking Midfielder (Left): -
    Attacking Midfielder (Centre): -
    Attacking Midielfder (Right): -
    Striker: -

    Side: -

    Height: 173 cm
    Weight: 72 kg

    Left foot: 10
    Right foot: 20

    Mental attributes:
    Aggression: 13
    Anticipation: 19
    Bravery: 9
    Composure: 16
    Concentration: 19
    Decisions: 16
    Determination: 13
    Flair: 5
    Influence: 17
    Off The Ball: 5
    Positioning: 16
    Teamwork: 13
    Vision: 6
    Work Rate: 16

    Physical attributes:
    Acceleration: 11
    Agility: 17
    Balance: 14
    Jumping: 16
    Natural Fitness: 16
    Pace: 10
    Stamina: 11
    Strength: 13

    Technical attributes:
    Corners: -
    Crossing: -
    Dribbling: -
    Finishing: -
    First Touch: 6
    Free Kicks: 6
    Heading: 5
    Long Shots: -
    Long Throws: -
    Marking: 5
    Passing: 7
    Penalty Taking: 7
    Tackling: 6
    Technique: -

    Goalkeeper attributes:
    Aerial Ability: 16
    Command Of Area: 16
    Communication: 15
    Eccentricity: 9
    Handling: 16
    Kicking: 13
    One on Ones: 18
    Reflexes: 20
    Rushing Out: 14
    Tend. To Punch: 15
    Throwing: 15

    Hidden attributes:
    Consistency: 16
    Dirtiness: 4
    Imp. Matches: 13
    Injury Proneness: 10
    Versatility: -

    Preferred moves:

    From bricklayer to king. Such was the life of the popular Manuel Galrinho Bento. He began as an apprentice of an art that could redeem him in poverty. He developed another art ride that he gave him to the celebrity gossip. The first is not that the difference was underlined. Of the second, the one of goalkeeper, in it prevailed, with the status of untouchable, for more than a decade.

    The spirit of sacrifice was in the mass of blood. At the age of 15 he began to work in the Riachense, after long and violent journeys, more than five kilometers a day of cycling, until Riachos, where he trained. He passed to the Goleganense, a year later, in the junior team of the land where he was born.

    The acrobatics in the net's defense, did not cause indifference. Torres Novas and União de Tomar applied for their services. But the name Bento had already crossed regional boundaries. From Lisbon, Sporting launched the challenge. For three months, he trained intensely. A leonine official ordered him to go to Golegã, to sign Bento by free. Angry, stayed. This was no way to treat the little club from the village. Suitcase made, truck trip, returned the Manel home, with the firm conviction that in Sporting would never play, nor for a superior wage than Gordon Banks.

    Without knowing very well how, the news reached the south bank of Tejo. For only 15 contos, in the year of 66, a he signed for Barreirense, the bulwark of an inexhaustible nursery of great football promises.

    In goalkeeper's land, goalkeeper is king. In the wake of Azevedo and Carlos Gomes, soon Bento stood out. And it would be memorable, for the revenge to consummate, the exhibition he made in Alvalade. Back in 68, when Barreirense defeated a Sporting, full of greed to conquer the titler. They clapped their hands in the Estádio da Luz, Benfica won that Championship. A year after, thanks to the fourth place, Barreirense qualified to the UEFA Cup, proclaiming non-negotiable that goalkeeper of atypical physical for the function, already much exposed to the invested benfiquistas. In the homage to Mário Coluna, Bento had the privilege of replacing the Black Spider, the eternal Lev Yashin, in a Rest of World team. The Luz faded and the swearings of love were huge. In August 1971, finally, he was preparing to discuss the defense of the nets with José Henrique. In Benfica, then.

    During 18 seasons, Manuel Galrinho Bento stamped his pass. With feline agility, reflexes, cursed opponents and quiet companions. He has reached 16 titles, distributed by eight Championships, six Cups and two Supercups. In a certain period, he kept the nets inviolate for 1290 consecutive minutes. And scored penalty goals. Like the one who secured the elimination of Torpedo Moscow, in the cold Russian capital. One day, he failed, against Sporting, in Luz, but soon after he redeemed, retaining the shot from Jordão, in a penalty shot.

    In the National Team, also Bento did not fail to lend all his gallantry. Even today, he is in the top of most used of all time. "Rubber man," British journalists called him after a 0-0 draw with Scotland in Glasgow. And in the European Championship of 84, if Chalana justifies all the stewardships, the one we most not forget is Bento, denying, on several occasions, the imminent goal of the Gallic team.

    Already old enough to be a grandfather, Manuel Bento said goodbye. But forever will be the heritage of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
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