VÍTOR BAÍA 1993-1996

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    Name: VÍTOR Manuel Martins BAÍA


    Country: [​IMG] PORTUGAL
    Caps/Goals: 32/0

    Club: [​IMG] FC Porto
    Age: 24-27 (15/10/1969)

    Goalkeeper: 20

    Height: 184 cm
    Weight: 79 kg

    Left foot: 10
    Right foot: 20

    Mental attributes:
    Aggression: 13
    Anticipation: 15
    Bravery: 11
    Composure: 15
    Concentration: 15
    Decisions: 16
    Determination: 15
    Flair: 1
    Influence: 17
    Movement: 1
    Positioning: 17
    Teamwork: 12
    Vision: 13
    Work Rate: 15

    Physical attributes:
    Acceleration: 12
    Agility: 16
    Balance: 14
    Jumping: 14
    Natural Fitness: 12
    Pace: 12
    Stamina: 13
    Strength: 14

    Technical attributes:
    Corners: -
    Crossing: -
    Dribbling: -
    Finishing: -
    First Touch: 10
    Free Kicks: 1
    Heading: 1
    Long Shots: -
    Long Throws: -
    Marking: -
    Passing: 11
    Penalty Taking: 1
    Tackling: 6
    Technique: 12

    Goalkeeper attributes:
    Aerial Ability: 16
    Command Of Area: 16
    Communication: 17
    Eccentricity: 10
    Free Kicks: 1
    Handling: 17
    Kicking: 12
    One on Ones: 16
    Penalty Taking: 1
    Reflexes: 17
    Rushing Out: 12
    Tend. To Punch: 10
    Throwing: 14

    Hidden attributes:
    Consistency: 17
    Dirtiness: 7
    Imp. Matches: 18
    Injury Proneness: 12
    Versatility: 1

    Preferred moves:

    Vítor Baía is legendary Portuguese goalkeeper and one of the best keepers in Portugal history. During his prime he was considered as one of the best keepers in Europe. He had great positioning and even better reflexes, that helped him to produce some amazing saves when everybody thought that the ball would go in the net. He was excellent in one on one situations where his positioning was his greatest asset. He would often leave the line to make a clearance and was reliable with the ball at his feet. His biggest flaw, however, was ball catching. He was able to concede a long range goal when one would think that he would easily catch the ball. He spent the most of his career with FC Porto, becoming their legend. He won amazing amount of trophies with Porto, and he's one of the only nine players that won all three UEFA trophies - Champions League and UEFA Cup with Porto and Cup Winners Cup with Barcelona. He played for Portuguese NT in 80 matches, representing his country in three major competitions. However, it's a shame that he wasn't called up for Euro 2004, although he was UEFA Club Best Goalkeeper of the Year that season.
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